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Working Test Results

'The 2nd A.V. Spaniel Working test to be held at Noseley & Rolleston Estate by kind persmission of Mr & Mrs R. Wilkinson was held today, Sunday 28th April, under wonderful weather conditions and ground.


The dogs were judged under the watchful eye of  Mr Mark Clifford and Mr John Eyres.


The results were as follows:



1st   Kerdat Fire Kracker - M. Elliott

2nd  Knockabui Starling  - Liam White

3rd   Tollieford Grace  - Jackie Elliott

4th   Kirtleview Blossom - Mr J. Case

C.O.M. Briarhollow Brody - L. Southern

C.O.M. Ken Quince Penny Lover - A.J. Allen-Everitt

C.O.M. Shevetooey Blackjack - Aaran Hocking



1st  Kiltotnbeck Iron  - M. Elliott

2nd Peppercrest Bewitched - S. Shimwell

3rd  Teigonsedge Kansas Thunder  - Mark Hancock

4th  Buccleugh Quince - Tina Nicholas

C.O.M. Peppercrest DeJa Vu - S. Shimwell

C.O.M. Tollieford Violet - Jackie Elliott


There was 14 dogs in the Novice and was ran differently by which the dogs ran under one judge then immediatly under the other.  A mark water retrieve was then included.

In the Open there was 10 dogs and again ran under one judge then immediatly under the other with different testing retrives under both, also followed by a testing well thought of water retrieve.


I hope everyone enjoyed their day.

Hopefully pictures will follow!!!!!'